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Corporate Storytelling

Your company’s history is an investment in the future. Tell family, employees and clients how your business was built on personal excellence, partnerships and investing in people and how it continues that tradition today.

Record how you started your business and capture important milestones such as anniversaries as well as company launches, retirements and successes.

Our Corporate History will document and write your story. We’ll turn your memories into stories to be published digitally or in book form. Imagine having a priceless keepsake – a legacy – to share with your family, employees and clients.


Corporate legacy letter: lessons learned. Share your experiences in the form of a letter to colleagues, employees and clients. A good way to capture your business advice and efforts in a few pages.

Corporate biographies: from then to now. Celebrate important milestones to also share with clients, investors and employees.

Executive biography: a job well done. Share a narrative of your career. A great way to leave a business legacy after retiring.

Workshops: we do speaking presentations on learning how to write memoirs, creative writing and speech writing. Engagements are a minimum of an hour and a half.

If you’re interested in preserving family memories, please visit Family Lines for more information or call Lea Storry at 403-700-5435.